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WARNING: Hire an attorney before talking to DHS.

DHS is notorious for twisting your words around if you disagree with them or express any semblance of anger that they are trying to insert themselves into your life. They will say that you arguing with them shows a lack of cooperation and may try to take your child away because of that. We have seen many, many horror stories where clients have been stuck in lengthy juvenile proceedings all because of one mistep at the beginning. Let your attorney protect you and your family. Do not trust the government to have your interests in mind.

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  • Our lawyers actually try cases
  • A lawyer ranked one of the best in Oregon
  • A retired circuit court judge and former judicial clerks.
  • Trial experience in multiple Oregon counties
  • A former Eugene city prosecutor and former deputy district attorney
  • jury trial experince in fedreal, state, & municipal courts
  • Cutting edge use of the Northwest's best expert witnesses in criminal, family law, & civil litigation

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