Eugene Family Law, Custody & Divorce Attorneys of Arnold Law Office

The attorneys of Arnold Law Office practice high-conflict family law. We specialize in custody disputes and large-asset divorces.
At Arnold Law Office, our attorneys treat every case as if it is their only case. They understand how much is at stake for you. We will provide you with the straight-talking legal counsel you need and deserve. [Read about our practice philosophy.]

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Why Choose Our Trial Lawyers?

  • Our lawyers actually try cases
  • A lawyer ranked one of the best in Oregon
  • A retired circuit court judge and former judicial clerks.
  • Trial experience in multiple Oregon counties
  • A former Eugene city prosecutor and former deputy district attorney
  • jury trial experince in fedreal, state, & municipal courts
  • Cutting edge use of the Northwest's best expert witnesses in criminal, family law, & civil litigation

Managing partner Mike Arnold on what sets Arnold Law Office apart:

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